Curbside Jimmy With Tom Hudson

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 Rehearsing in MacArthur Park San Antonio, Texas With Tom Hudson On The Upright. 
Drinkin’ Beer And Sufferin’


Loose Shoes MP3<video controls=”> 

Always Wear Loose Shoes Any Time You Go Out

Drinking  Mp3

How To Hire Curbside Jimmy

Since Curbside Jimmy has not hopped a freight since November 2010, he is normally available. Hire is not always necessary. In certain establishments, no payment is necessary in that tips are more than adequate. It is the Curbside philosophy, that if either of us makes money off the performance we both make money.

What Style of Music Does Curbside Jimmy Play?

For live performances, Curbside Jimmy plays a select blend of classic blues, old country, Americana, Texas Music and other songs which have stood the test of time. All instruments are live.  A Curbside Jimmy set intentionally includes music that cannot be heard on the radio. No attempts are made to copy or sound like any other artist.